Welcome to another episode of Growth, where we bring you stories of personal transformation and empowerment, this time deep diving into a core topic that plays a big role in personal growth - body acceptance and self-love. I had the pleasure of interviewing ⁠Linh⁠, whose mission is to unlearn diet culture, and foster a more meaningful connection with yourself, your body and food. 
Raised in Canada, she has lived in several parts of the world and is currently in Berlin, where she shares her discovery journey after years in the corporate world. Beginning as an accredited Transformational Coach, and certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, focusing now on body acceptance, founder of ⁠Bona Fide Life⁠. In our conversation, we talked about the intersectionality of self-love and intuitive eating as a gateway to embracing healthy practices of how we see ourselves, letting go of expectations, and rejecting diet culture.  
Designing her own professional and personal path driven by her calling and interests, she shares her story with her unique personal touch. Join us for a down-to-earth discussion as ⁠Linh⁠ takes us on her life journey and how we can cultivate a healthier relationship with ourselves.

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