Hi, I'm Meylen , welcome to growth! Inspired by Berlin's creative and entrepreneurial city, my mission is to advocate for women, Latinx, and creative communities fostering growth through the power of real-life experiences. 

Growing up in El Paso, Texas I witnessed the huge potential that creative industries held within our city. However, I also noticed the unfortunate lack of visibility for women, latinx and the vibrant creative community. These experiences sparked a profound drive within me to bridge this gap and create a platform that celebrates and amplifies these voices.

Living abroad has fueled my desire to connect with like-minded people in the creative fields. I am passionate about fostering a global network of inspiration, collaboration, and empowerment.  Featuring guests from diverse backgrounds and corners of the world, we'll dive into topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, collaboration, and professional development.

We invite you to listen and be a part of conversations that empower and experiences of success that inspire.

Do you want to be part of growth? shoot me a message!

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