Join us on an inspiring journey of growth with ⁠Margherita Sgorbissa⁠, the founder of Fair Force Consulting⁠, working at the intersection of business and social impact, bridging the gap between people motivated by entrepreneurship and those seeking to make a difference. After moving from Italy to Berlin and having gained diverse experiences in the private sector and in various Berlin startups, mainly focusing on  people, culture, and community topics, Marghe identified a calling that she has been doing along the way: bringing people together, which has been an important element of her professional development.  
At Fair Force Consulting, Marghe's mission is to support bold and visionary leaders in transforming their change-oriented visions into thriving businesses.  A crucial lesson she has learned along the way is the importance of value alignment - working with like-minded people who share her values, has proven to make a significant difference in her endeavors. Marghe defines growth as a continual process that includes both personal and professional development. It entails learning about ourselves, our businesses, and the adventure itself. Her growth journey has called for constancy, commitment, and clarity.
I had the pleasure to interview Marghe, whose genuine and warm personality will instantly get your attention. Join us as we learn about her professional journey and get the wisdom and inspiration she offers to our episode today! 🎙️

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