In our final episode of the year, ⁠Claudia⁠, a seasoned professional specializing in Work- and Organizational Psychology, a certified Systematic team and business coach, and with a decade of experience in various international HR roles, shares her career path and the founding of Re:Grow Coaching.
The conversation centers on Psychological Safety, exploring its four progressive levels and their impact on the workplace. Claudia focuses on personal experiences, emphasizing a decisive point that led her to leave a job due to low psychological safety, underlining the impact on both her and her colleagues. 
She also covers the issues that teams and individuals encounter, providing practical advice on overcoming obstacles and creating an environment in which everyone feels heard and empowered.
It was truly delightful to chat with Claudia, whose valuable advice and expertise will shed light on the significance of Psychological Safety. Tune in as we learn about her professional journey and tackle an important topic that must be implemented in every business or organization. ✨

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