Tune in to explore Lucia's Macoa mission in career coaching for women, and identifying the power of working in your zone of genius. Originally from former Eastern Germany, having studied German studies and philosophy, she is now a dedicated  career coach at ⁠https://www.lucia-macoa.de/⁠ ⁠guiding women in corporate advance in their careers by finding their dream jobs through action-oriented planning. She is on a mission to assist women find rewarding professions by removing the restrictions of traditional academic requirements.
Lucia's career began in the personnel consultancy sector in Berlin, which specialized in catering to C-level executives. This initial step eventually paved the way for her to become a source of guidance for women with similar challenges. Her own experiences serve as the foundation for her compassionate and successful coaching. 
In our conversation, we tapped into the four distinct zones people can operate in: the zone of incompetence, competence, excellence, and, most importantly, the zone of genius. It's within this zone of genius that is key to success. Some of the benefits of working within this zone are job satisfaction, increased productivity, and the ability to make a lasting difference among many more. 
Join us as we explore Lucia's journey and learn how she is changing the scene for women seeking significant career happiness. Prepare to be inspired as well as empowered to shape the course of your professional future. 🚀

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